Wholefood Gainer: the ultimate mass gainer for bulking

Wholefood Gainer: the ultimate mass gainer

USN’s Wholefood Gainer is 100% plant-based and supports muscle growth and recovery. This mass gainer is suitable for everyone: males, females and athletes.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast struggling to tip the scales, a bodybuilder bulking or simply someone on the quest to gain weight and strength for reasons beyond fitness, understanding mass gainers is your first step towards success.


What are mass gainers?

Mass gainers are high-calorie supplements that offer a carefully balanced blend of protein, carbohydrate, fats, and essential vitamins and minerals. They’re formulated to be nutrient dense, which is essential when your goal is to bulk up.


Who can use mass gainers? 

For many, the challenge of bulking isn't just about lifting weights but consuming sufficient calories to support lean muscle growth. This is where mass gainers shine, offering a convenient and efficient way to meet your elevated nutritional needs. Even though mass gainers are popular among fitness enthusiasts who want to gain lean muscle mass or weight, these supplements can be a valuable resource for individuals looking to gain weight for reasons beyond fitness or bodybuilding.

Mass gainers are the perfect blend of convenience and efficiency, formulated for those who find it hard to consume the necessary calories through whole foods alone. Whether for health reasons, personal preference, or to support recovery from an illness or medical condition that led to unwanted weight loss, mass gainers offer a nutrient-rich solution.


Benefits of mass gainers

Here's how mass gainers can be beneficial outside the fitness context:

  • Nutritional support: Mass gainers such as USN’s Wholefood Gainer are fortified with vitamins and minerals, ensuring that while you increase your calorie intake, you’re also providing your body with essential nutrients.
  • Recovery: Mass gainers can be helpful for individuals recovering from an injury or illness. During these times, the body needs sufficient nutrients to heal and repair itself. Mass gainers can also be used as an easy way to consume the necessary calories and required protein during recovery.
  • Convenience: For those who find it challenging to prepare multiple nutrient-dense meals daily, mass gainers offer a quick and easy way to consume calories without the time-consuming preparation.
  • Versatility: Mass gainers can be mixed with water or milk and consumed as a shake, incorporated into various recipes, such as smoothies, pancakes, and other foods, making it easier for individuals to add calories in a more palatable and enjoyable way.

Please note that anyone considering mass gainers for non-fitness-related weight gain should consult with a healthcare provider or a registered dietitian. They can offer guidance tailored to individual health needs and goals. Additionally, it’s crucial to select a mass gainer that aligns with any dietary restrictions or preferences (such as plant-based, gluten-free, etc.) and to be mindful of any added ingredients that might not be beneficial in the long term.


USN’s Wholefood Gainer 

In the pursuit of gaining muscle mass, every calorie counts, but not just any calorie—quality, muscle-building calories such as USN’s Wholefood Gainer.

USN’s Wholefood Gainer is 100% plant-based and supports muscle growth and recovery. This mass gainer is easy to mix, tastes great and supports glycogen replenishment. Each serving has 31 g protein and 55 g carbohydrates. It is high in fibre, contains zero soy and milk, as well as zero added sucrose.


The benefits of USN’s Wholefood Gainer

  • Encourages consistent muscle growth.
  • Helps with optimal recovery.
  • Real food-based carbohydrate source.
  • Helps with glycogen replenishment.


What makes USN’s Wholefood Gainer unique?

  • Contains creatine and a testo booster.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
    • The carbohydrate sources are oat flour, rice flour, sweet potato starch, and potato starch.
    • The protein sources are rice protein and pea protein.
  • This mass gainer is suitable for everyone: males, females and athletes.


The difference between a mass gainer and whey protein

Mass gainers are known to increase the body’s intake of dietary proteins and calories. These supplements mainly consist of carbohydrates and fats and are usually used to assist with weight gain. But what is the difference between mass gainers and whey protein? Mass gainers typically contain more carbohydrates and fats and less protein per serving than whey protein. The carbohydrate content in mass gainers is usually about two to three times more than the protein content. Whey protein is a protein source that encourages muscle growth without the added calories from carbohydrates and fats.


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