We focus on creating effective, scientifically relevant products utilising the highest quality raw materials, products that are stringently evaluated, quality tested and accredited by independent laboratories.

We invest in effective distribution and warehousing capability to ensure continuous availability of our range to meet growing international demand.


Sports performance, weight control and muscle-building supplementation are the cornerstones of USN’s premium product offering, along with beverages and bars. USN also plays a major role in the growing self-help movement by providing effective nutritional supplements to consumers.

We use the latest verified and peer reviewed nutritional research throughout the development of our products, and we continue to employ the latest protocols with regards to manufacturing.


Every USN employee embodies the characteristic qualities of the brand—professional, committed to excellence, health-conscious and goal-driven.

Quality and accountability are USN’s global underpinning values and this reflects in the way we conduct our business and the way our staff conduct themselves. Our business is built on the founding ethics of the brand, and this is never compromised in any way.


USN utilises third-party, locally and internationally accredited and recognised pharmaceutical laboratories for our global development and manufacturing processes.

This ensures that all required practices are in place to keep every product consistent in terms of organoleptic profiles, quality and efficacy. Every manufacturer adheres to the domestic legal requirements and is guided by the relevant domestic and international manufacturing policies and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, where applicable. We make extensive use of third-party professionals, including pharmacists, food technologists, food scientists and dietitians that support our commitment to nutritional significance safety, efficacy and quality. HFL Sports Science testing remains an effective measure of quality and we protect our brand, our consumers and ambassadors through this initiative. Select products are sent to the UK for screening against protocols available for substances listed under the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Banned and Prohibited Substance List, further supporting our project for safe, pure and effective products that are the best in the industry.