Get the energy boost that keeps you going when you need it most with supplements that replace essential minerals and help you endure for longer.

*Be sure to combine your supplements with a balanced eating plan and regular exercise.

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USN’s PureFit Range

Boost Your Endurance with USN's PureFit Range

USN’s PureFit Range has been developed for individuals who need supplements that will help them to sustain a high level of physical activity for an extended period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cyto Power?

Cyto Power is a high-energy output drink with caffeine and performance nutrients for rehydration, sustainable energy, increased alertness, and recovery. The three-stage glycomatrix carbohydrates release energy at varying times during the day, ensuring long, medium and short-term energy for enhanced endurance. It is suitable for endurance and intermediate team sports and any other energy-consuming sports.

What is Pro Enduro?

Pro Enduro is a high-performance endurance drink that is stimulant-free. It has no caffeine and is high in amino acids (10 g per serving) for optimal performance and recovery during an activity of up to four hours. It provides sustained energy release for optimal performance and hydration.

What is Epic Pro 2?

This fast-absorbing, high-impact energy drink keeps your body going and hydrated during intense training and events. Epic Pro 2’s advanced formulation provides long-term energy for endurance activities. It will also keep you hydrated and minimises the risk of cramps due to magnesium replenishments.

What is Pro Recover?

Pro Recover is a high-protein, full-body recovery drink that can be consumed after a workout. This recovery drink is high in easily digestible whey protein and carbs. Pro Recover accelerates the body’s recovery process after prolonged physical activity and is free from colourants, preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

What is cramp Block?

The harder your body works, the higher your demands for phosphates and electrolytes (your body’s ‘salts’) are. Cramp Block is full of vital minerals and electrolytes to keep you performing at your best. It helps with phosphate loading for strength, endurance, fatigue reduction and recovery. Cramp Block fights muscle fatigue and rehydrates your muscles during and after intense physical activity.

What is Zero Sugar Hydrator?

Zero Sugar Hydrator is an instant rehydration, precision-balanced athletic drink that replaces electrolytes and phosphates and reduces the risk of cramping. Zero Sugar Hydrator has been formulated for optimal rehydration and can be used at any time of the day, especially after physical activity.

What is VO2 Max?

VO2 Max increases oxygen uptake and storage and assists muscles to work harder for longer. It helps with cardiovascular function and the absorption of oxygen. VO2 Max also increases the ability to store and utilise oxygen and protects the cardiovascular system during intense activity.