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Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is the ideal testosterone enhancer that increases muscle mass, improves mood and boosts exercise performance.

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia)—also known as Longjack, Malaysian Ginseng and Ali’s umbrella—is an extract from a shrubby tree found in Southeast Asia. The roots, bark and fruits are used in producing a variety of herbal medicines and substances. The plant is regarded as an adaptogen (i.e. it helps your body respond to stress, anxiety, fatigue and overall well-being).

Tongkat Ali is also highly regarded in the training and exercise community as it has been shown to increase strength and energy while also increasing appetite effectively.


What are the benefits of Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali enhances exercise capabilities and promotes the growth of muscle tissue. Its effectiveness is attributed to the presence of quassinoids, such as eurycomaoside, eurycolactone, and eurycomanone. 

These compounds have the potential to enhance energy utilisation, alleviate fatigue, and improve overall endurance.

Tongkat Ali increases testosterone levels in males and will lead to reduced body fat, accelerated recovery and increased muscle mass.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved mood and hormone regulation
  • Increased libido, sexual performance and sperm volume
  • Improved muscle-to-fat ratio
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Reducing oxidative stress due to antioxidants
  • Increased testosterone levels in men

Tongkat Ali dosage

You should consume 200 to 420 mg per day. Tongkat Ali should ideally be taken after a meal but can be taken any time of the day.


Supplementary products

Which products and supplements are best to combine with Tongkat Ali?

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