USN Quality

USN is one of the fastest growing sports nutrition brands in the world, delivering the highest quality world-class nutritional supplements for optimised health and sports performance.

At USN we strive to provide world-class nutritional supplements of the highest possible quality. From the onset, our goal post has never shifted. We continue to provide scientifically proven, nutritionally beneficial, safe, effective sports and lifestyle supplementation to a demanding public. We use current, up-to-date, verified and peer-reviewed nutritional research throughout the development of our products, and we continue to employ the latest protocols with regards to manufacturing.

We remain committed to partnerships with the world’s most prominent and established raw materials suppliers, never sacrificing quality for profit. With diligent working relationships in place and effective testing models established, we ensure that our raw material quality and finished products remain the best available.

USN products are manufactured according to stringent GMP and MCC regulations and therefore proactive steps are taken to ensure that our products are safe, pure and effective. As part of this system, hundreds of laboratory tests are performed on a monthly basis to ensure that ingredients used in USN products:

  • Comply with suppliers Certificates of Analyses
  • Comply with microbiological standards
  • Are pure and free from contaminants

In addition, independent SANAS Accredited Laboratory tests are performed on a monthly basis to ensure that the final USN products are in accordance with labelled quantities. Our qualified R&D team works closely with international pharmaceutical companies to ensure that:

  • Formulations are inspired by the latest research
  • Products meet all label claims
  • Product labelling adheres to the applicable labelling regulations

Since there are many challenges to be faced in this industry, we invest significantly in independent testing at both domestic and international laboratories for our respective markets. HFL Sports Science testing remains an effective measure of quality, and we protect our brand, consumers and ambassadors through this initiative. Select products are sent to the UK for screening against protocols available for substances listed under the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Banned and Prohibited Substance List, further supporting our project for safe, pure and effective products. This practice has a direct impact on our customers and their safe use of supplementation as the initiative starts with the selection of safe raw materials and manufacturing practices. The HFL screening is a final certification that our procurement and manufacturing protocols remain the best in the industry.

The extensive use of third party professionals, including pharmacists, food technologists, food scientists and dieticians support our commitment to nutritional significance, safety, efficacy and quality.