Cramp Block Tablets

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Cramp Block Tablets

Cramp Block Tablets

The ultimate cramp blocker that replenishes electrolytes and helps you train for longer.

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Product Information

USN’s Cramp Block is full of vital minerals and electrolytes to keep you performing at your best. It fights muscle fatigue and rehydrates your muscles during and after intense physical activity.


Sodium bicarbonate: can enhance endurance and speed. Reduces acidity in the muscle during extreme endurance activities.

Calcium carbonate: a calcium salt that complements natural calcium levels to ensure strong bones. Acts as an antacid and helps regulate acidity levels in the stomach.

Magnesium carbonate: acts as an antacid that helps reduce the risk of cramps.

Di-potassium phosphate: assists with cell and tissue repair.

Taurine: reduces the risk of cramps and may help reduce muscle pain after strenuous exercise.

Vitamin B6: can improve some symptoms of nerve pain experienced during intense exercise.


Recommended Use

Before and during events
  • Take 2 tablets 30 minutes before the start of the event.
  • 1 tablet per hour of exercise thereafter.
After events
  • Take 2 tablets 30 minutes after the end of the event.
  • Take 2 tablets before bedtime.
Daily supplementation
  • Take 2–4 tablets before bedtime to optimise absorption.
Phosphate loading before events
  • Take 3 tablets twice daily, in the 3 days before an event.