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Turkesterone 101

Everything you need to know about the newest buzz ingredient on the market, turkesterone.

Turkesterone extract has been the newest buzz ingredient on the supplement scene in recent months. But what does it do, how do you use it, and what is it exactly?

The first important information regarding this substance is that not all turkesterone supplements are created equal. Studies report that an ideal daily dosage of 500–1000 mg should be taken to experience the best results for a period of 8–12 weeks and that the 10% extract is the superior variety of the substance as opposed to the 2% extract.


What is turkesterone?

It is a concentrated form of a type of ecdysteroid—a compound that is naturally found in some plants and insects. It has anabolic (muscle building) and adaptogenic (helps your body respond to stress, anxiety, fatigue and overall well-being) effects, which benefit muscle growth and performance. Turkesterone is found in some foods like spinach, quinoa, and yams, although in much lower concentrations.


Is an ecdysteroid the same as anabolic steroids, and is it a banned substance?

The short answer is no. It does not function in the same way synthetic hormones like testosterone do and does not increase estrogen levels. These ecdysteroids are also not classified as banned substances.

Particular research indicates that incorporating turkesterone supplements into one's regimen could support preserving optimal testosterone levels. However, it is crucial to distinguish that using turkesterone as a supplement differs significantly from synthetic anabolic steroids or testosterone. This distinction arises from the fact that turkesterone does not engage with the same androgen receptors within the body. Unlike certain hormone medications employed in hormone replacement therapy, turkesterone is not categorised as an artificial hormone.


What are the benefits of using turkesterone?

  1. It can increase muscle mass and muscle-to-fat ratio by lowering lipid absorption and supporting muscle synthesis in several ways, including increased protein synthesis and increasing leucine uptake in muscle cells.
  2. It can enhance muscle and exercise performance by possibly increasing ATP production, which powers the muscle.
  3. It can accelerate recovery by assisting with repairing muscle fibres after exercise and increasing glycogen concentrations in the muscle.
  4. It has stress-fighting effects by assisting with neurotransmitter production and gut health, which helps promote a healthy gut-brain connection.


Dosage and period of use

Studies point to the ideal dosage of 500–1000 mg daily, divided into two dosages in the morning after breakfast. This should be repeated for 8–12 weeks for optimal results. Individuals can continue this cycle on a long-term basis without taking breaks, which will not increase the risk of adverse effects.


The significance of the 10% extract used in USN's Anabolic Turk Test 1200

While other products that use the 2% turkesterone extract are available, it is important to note that the 10% extract is the superior ingredient as it yields five times more turkesterone than the 2% per 100 g. This significantly increases the potency of the active ingredient in the product.

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