Switch On, Switch Off

Switch On, Switch Off

Whether you are a professional trying to get the most out of your workday or a student trying to get a good night’s rest before a big test, nootropics can give your brain the necessary clarity that it needs to switch on or off.


Also referred to as smart drugs, cognitive enhancers or brain boosters, nootropics are supplements that have been designed to boost your brainpower when used under the right conditions. These cognitive enhancers have been developed to alter the brain’s neurotransmitters—a chemical messenger that transfers, enhances and balances signals between neurons and target cells throughout the body. The brain needs neurotransmitters to regulate essential bodily functions, including concentration, motivation, attention and sleep cycles.


If you want to understand nootropics better, you should have a general understanding of how the brain works. The brain has an overdeveloped cerebral cortex—the outermost layer associated with the highest mental capabilities—containing more than 100 billion neurons. These neurons are attached to a neural network of cell-to-cell connections and interactions. Research has shown that nootropics seem to work across various brain pathways, improving the brain’s abilities in different ways.


According to Dr Ramon Velazquez, the brain uses about 20% of the body’s total energy reserves. Neurons are in a constant state of demise, rebirth and growth, requiring high energy levels to ensure that they are correctly signalling, receiving and processing information. If the brain does not have sufficient energy, it can result in mental fatigue and brain fog. The right nootropics can support brain energy by boosting the metabolic energy of brain cells, helping to transport fatty acids into brain cells, and increasing the intake of nutrients and oxygen.


Cell-to-cell communication happens when one neuron sends brain chemicals to another neuron. The neuron on the receiving end of the information conveys the specific message to the other brain cells until the required result is achieved. An imbalance in any step of communication can affect your cognitive abilities. Nootropics can boost neurotransmitters by sending brain chemicals, encouraging neurotransmitter synthesis, increasing receptor sensitivity, and preventing neurotransmitter breakdown.

USN has two nootropics, Switch On and Switch Off, that can help to boost your brainpower.


USN’s Switch On is a nootropic cognitive enhancing and vision protective supplement that allows you to perform at your peak when challenged with tasks that require brainpower. Switch On supports mental alertness and increases energy, mood and motivation to perform at your best. Switch On also protects your eyes against free radicals and blue light damage.


  • Lutein and zeaxanthin 5%: An important antioxidant in the macula that protects the eyes from harmful free radicals. It acts as a natural sunblock by absorbing excess light energy and protecting the eyes against blue light.
  • Caffeine anhydrous: Increases energy and alertness.
  • L-theanine: An amino acid that increases the alpha waves in the brain while reducing anxiety and enhancing mental focus and cognitive function.
  • Dynamine™: Enhances mental focus and energy and ensures no energy crash.
  • TeaCrine®: Delivers energy, mental clarity and motivation without raising heart rate or blood pressure. It provides a smooth and long-standing source of energy.


USN’s Switch Off is an advanced nootropic sleeping aid that helps to induce sleep and enhances restful and restorative sleep. What makes Switch Off unique? It has no next-day sluggishness and promotes next-day mental performance while decreasing anxiety and stress. It is also non-habit-forming and does not alter brain chemicals or create dependencies.


  • Valerian root: This herb is commonly referred to as ‘nature’s Valium’ and can help improve sleep, promote relaxation, and reduce anxiety.
  • GABA: A neurotransmitter produced naturally in the brain to improve sleep quality and upregulate growth hormone release.
  • Ashwagandha: This evergreen shrub helps to reduce anxiety and stress while boosting brain function. It also modulates GABA pathways in the brain and assists with neuronal longevity.
  • 5-HTP: It is a chemical that the body produces from tryptophan—an essential amino acid that you get from food—that can promote sleep by enhancing melatonin production. 5-HTP supplements can help to raise serotonin levels in the brain, which can help improve your mood.
  • L-theanine: It increases bedtime relaxation that allows a smoother transition from awake to sleep. L-theanine boosts dopamine, serotonin and GABA levels.
  • Passionflower: It helps to induce sleep and decrease anxiety and insomnia.
  • Hops: Hops are the dried, flowering part of the hop plant that can affect melatonin and serotonin. Hops encourage circadian rhythms—physical, behavioural and mental changes that follow a 24-hour cycle, enhancing sleep induction.
  • BioPerine®: It assists with improving attention and reasoning skills, along with overall motivation. It also helps with becoming more relaxed as productiveness increases.

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