Find Your Greatness Inside with USN and Planet Fitness

Find Your Greatness Inside with USN and Planet Fitness

Greatness means something different to every person. It is not confined to a certain shape, size, age, gender or timeline. Greatness comes from the inside! It is the athlete who pushes himself every day to reach his ultimate goal of representing his country, the woman who has decided to change her lifestyle by joining the gym or the man who has decided that he wants to lose those extra kilos. Whatever your perception of greatness might be, it starts from within—mentally, physically and nutritionally.


Finding your greatness takes inspired action: if you determine your vision, get inspired, stay focused and make consistent choices to better yourself, greatness will ultimately become parallel with who you are.


To reach the greatness within you, keep the end in sight. If you determine what your goals are and how you plan to achieve them, the unthinkable will seem more achievable. Keep your vision in mind and split your fitness goals into reachable milestones. Greatness takes time, so trust the process and enjoy the journey.


If you associate with greatness, you will achieve greatness. Interact with people who inspire you to reach your goals. When you share your aspirations with your friends, family or colleagues, they can encourage you to eat healthier or to go to the gym.


Greatness does not come without distractions. The road to success is not always easy and you might get distracted with the normal ups and downs of life, but it is important to stay focused and remind yourself why you started and what you want to achieve at the end.


To reach the greatness that you have set your mind to, you must make consistent choices. If you consistently do something, it will eventually become a habit that you cannot live without.


The advantages of regular exercise are endless. Physical activity does not only help you to manage your weight, but it has also been proven to reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, decrease the risk of developing some cancers, minimise the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, as well as improve your mood, energy levels and sleeping patterns.


It is no secret that your diet plays an essential role in your overall health and wellbeing. An extensive exercise regime can take all the energy out of your body and if you do not consume nutrient-rich foods and supplements, you will not have enough stamina to reach your fitness goals and ultimately, your greatness inside.

The nutrition that you put into your body before, during and after training will be the difference between success and failure. Whether your goals are to lose weight, tone your body, gain muscles or challenge yourself with how far you can push your body, USN has a supplement that will suit your lifestyle, making it easier to reach your greatness.


Every person has greatness inside of them, but it is what you do with your mental, physical and nutritional resources and abilities that will determine whether you reach it or not.

Do you need some extra inspiration to reach your greatness? USN and Planet Fitness have made it easier for every person to reach their goals by offering weekly prizes and an entry into a grand prize with the Greatness Inside campaign. How does it work?

Snap, tag and win:

  1. Snap a photo of yourself in the greatness inside frame at any Planet Fitness gym.
  2. Upload your photo to any of your social media platforms.
  3. Tag @USNSA and @PlanetFitnessZA and use the #GreatnessInside hashtag.
  4. Stand a chance to win weekly prizes and an entry to the grand prize draw (i.e. one-year’s supply of USN supplements and a one-year Planet Fitness membership at your nearest club).

Visit your nearest Planet Fitness to find your greatness inside.


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